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Trina Adams

Comment: I am so very sorry for your loss. I do not have information regarding the person who did this horrible act. However, if it at all would help bring someone forward I would be willing to add another $200.00 to the reward. There are more animal abuse cases now than ever. Please contact me if you think the additional reward money will help your cause.
Again, I am very sorry for the loss of your loved Amy.

Marcel White

Comment: Tell where to send and I'll add $25 to the reward!

Louie (from PrintQuickness)

Comment: I want to add $500 more from my company to your reward.

Brad of Edmonton, Alberta

Comment: Unfortunately, since I live in Canada I have no information to offer. However, I would like to add another $100 to the reward for information that leads to arrest and conviction of this sick individual. Since I doubt the police will put in the effort  required to solve this case, the internet may be the only hope for justice.

Sandy Ewing

Comment: Paul, I left you a phone message today and would like to increase the reward another $100.00. I had to put my dog of twelve years down to arthritis and degenerate disease of the spine,hip and pelvic. I literally could not go home for 2 days. I had her cremated and now she is back at home resting peacefully.
It is hard enough to lose a family member but the way Amy had to suffer was just inhumane. I hope and want to catch, excuse my french, the bastard who did this. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone.
Again, I am truly sorry for your loss and may we get some closure for your family and Amy.

John Haroll

Comment: My heart aches for you. I have two siamese and like yourself, they are my children.  I wish you peace and comfort at this time.

Lucky Luke

Comment: Sorry for your loss my friend. I can't imagine being in that situation. If someone ever did that to my cat Daisy. I guarantee you, I would be in the bushes with my rifle and scope just waiting for that guy to walk by so I could shoot oout his knee caps. And while he's on the ground, I'd walk up to him with my Louisville Slugger aluminum bat and bash in his teeth so far into his brain matter that  he would immediately go into cardiac arrest. But hey, that's just me.
I certainly hope you find this scumbag. God Bless and good luck. 


Comment: I have no info, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you find who did this. Your in my prayers.


Comment: I just want to send you my thoughts and prayers. Amy was a beautiful cat. Sadly we too lost a cat (to a car accident)it still haunts us to this day (he got out). I urge you (whent the time is right) to go and get two kittens, that's right two from a shelter. They need homes, you need the healing. God-bless.


Comment: I am so sorry this happened.  Good luck in finding the murderer.


Comment: I am so sorry to hear about what happened to Amy. She is a very beautiful kitty. My thoughts are with you and your family. I do want to tell you about a website who will help you with your grief. The site is petloss.com. There are many compassionate people there who have lost their furbabies. There is a message board and chat room. You may also email me for emotional support. I hope you find the coward who did this to your baby.

Mark W.

Comment: No info; just wanted to offer my deepest sympathies.  I hope this thug is caught and gets what he deserves in lockup. 


Comment: I am heart broken for you regarding your cat. I can noy believe that some one would do something so heinous. I am praying for you.


Truly sorry for the loss of your cat,she looks just like our cat Chi,almost 17 years old,rest assured that somone will come forword with info, I look forward to seeing the lowlife punished.  --From Bill


 I would give anything if i knew the bastard that did this to your
beloved cat. i am an animal lover. i hope they catch him and you have the opportunity to see this guy prosecuted. my sympathy to you and yours. i have a friend that has an animal rewscue, suncoast animal league in palm harbor. i am sure rick would be more than happy to help you in search of another fine and loving feline.  --From Jan

 I had a simease cat hanging around my house for about 9 mnths.And now it is gone.She has been gone for about a mnth.I live off 3rd ave and 58thst.N.I was wondering if it could of been your cat.I'm very sorry for your lose and I hope you get justice for your sweet Amy.  --From Krissy

 I don't know. I live in Delray Beach (SE Fl) but I found this on
pet-abuse.com and I just wanted to tell you I was so sorry to read this. Poor Amy. I hope you find out who did it and that they pay dearly. --From Peggy

 I have no info  for you, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was sorry to hear of the loss of your pet, I too am a lover of siamese cats, and I have a two year old seal point (bearing a striking resemblance to Amy) that should bear a litter in about 4 weeks, I have decided to name one of the females Amy in honor of you fallen friend.  --From Steve Whitlock

 I am SO sorry to hear about your cat.  She was so pretty.  I have three siamese mixes of my own that I absolutely adore and I would be terribly heartbroken if something happened to any of them. I hope that you catch whoever was malicious, sick and cold-hearted enough to do such a thing. Good luck to you. --From Elle

 I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you find the person who
did this to your beautiful furbaby and they get beaten just as badly.  --From Reva Heintz

My heart aches for you.  I cannot even begin to know what pain you are in.  My heart goes out to you for your loss.  I hope that they find the coward who did this and that he pays dearly.  As they say, "Karma is a b*tch".  We can only hope that he gets his in the end. Much love & comfort to you.   --From Tara


Comment: Again, no info but wanted to let you know my family lives in this neighborhood and I will definately be watching for this guy - Our neighbors lovely sweet cat has gone missing and its been 3 weeks and now i'm worried this may be what happened to her as she like Amy just loved to be out taking sunbaths and hanging around our porch-she loved everyone and was always grateful for extra treats and hugs-Please keep us informed of any new developments - I worry for the dogs he was walking as well-this @#%^$$ needs to be caught! So sorry for your loss-I know you will miss her

clientname: Charise

Comment: I'm so sorry for your loss


Comment: I am very sorry for your loss

Nikki Childers

Comment: This is just horrible. I read about it in a bulletin posted on myspace. People are sick these days...I work at an animal shelter (in IN)and had a lady that brought a dog in for a private cremation, someone had hung it. I wish you the best..hope they catch the bastard!!!!


Comment: If they ever find this person, find out if it would be a stiffer penalty for criminal tresspass instead of animal cruelty. Providing the "witness" who saw it happen can verify he was ON your property. This is terrible & animal abuse is spreading. It has to stop! Or maybe I should just stay off of Petabuse.com.


Comment: I see Amy had blue eyes. I had a siamese with blue eyes once, he became deaf as blue eyed cats do when they become older, and then he ceased to be afraid of things. Once they loose their hearing they cant be let out since they will not avoid obvious dangers (like men with pitbulls or moving cars). I am sorry to hear about your loss, I have had cats for almost 20 years now and they become your four legged children. F.ex my siamese used to insist on sitting in my knee whenever I used the computer. Sometimes he would try to help me type by pressing random keys on my keyboard, or he would sit and look at the screen with great concentration. I really hope they get the man that killed your cat, such an action is one of the marks of a future murderer. 


Comment: Sorry, no info.  I just wanted to express my sadness for your loss.  What a beautiful cat she was.  Like someone said before me, if someone did this to my cat, I can't even begin to imagine the rage and sadness I would feel.  I'm sure you have already considered this, but it seems like likely that the filth who did this lives within a short walk from you.  He's probably walking his dog along a different route now, but he has to show his face sometime.  I hope that savage gets what's coming to him.  Good luck to you.


Comment: I am so sorry. Having two cats of my own, it sickens me to think we have people like the scumbag who did this to Amy walking amongst us. I only pray that this person suffers greatly for what they have done. Keep your memories close as they will help.


Comment: I am so very sorry for your loss.  I work at Noah's and I was there the night you brought her in.  She left quite the impression on me, and I just cant seem to stop thinking about her.  My heart goes out to you.  Out of all the cases I am seen, this one will stick with me forever.  I will never forget that night, and reading your page, my eyes filled with tears.  I am so very sorry that we could not do more for her.

Lynn Stratton

Comment: We're so sorry about your loss, and the terrible way in which Amy lost her life. We live on 3rd Ave. N. between 24th and 25th, and we'll be watching. Anything we see that's the least bit suspicious, we'll definitely pass on to the police. Our sincerest condolences. We have 3 cats. Lynn and Greg


Comment: im so sorry if u need any thing just email me i can do anything just remembre that there are many people out there that have sick minds and thats all they think about so if there is anything i can do i will do any thing just email thanks

Gloria Ward

Comment: I just wanted to say im so sorry to hear about your cat Amy. I have been posting bulletins and even put it in my blog on myspace(www.myspace.com/lurean) for people to read. I hope who ever reads them knows the the terrible guy who killed her. If there is anything else i can do please let me know. I will help in any way i can to find Amy's killer. May that poor beautiful cat rest in peace. I will be praying for her. Take care.


Comment: I'm so sorry for your loss and what Amy had to go thru. I have seen kids picking on cats in my neighborhood, and i am the first to put a stop to it. It's unfortunate that no one came to her rescue. I posted a blog on myspace, hopefully it gets some results. Best of luck w/ everything.

Stacey & Jerry (San Diego)

Comment: We are so disturbed and sad for you, our friends to not only have lost Amy, but to read about the atrocity.  Our hearts go out for you, as you know how important our own cats are to us having spent time visiting, and that you had yours stolen from you in a viscious act by someone with such disregard for humanity and life is disgusting and insulting.  We hope you do find the assailant and he gets prosecuted as much as the law allows and that this blatant insult to society and life helps increase the punishments, and public knowledge that individuals with such disregard for life are not only a threat to animals but by their actions and have the ability and disregard for life that could impose a true threat to anyone or anything. Imagine what a person of this level would do if someone simply offended them. Hopefully, this will not only help you in having the knowledge that Amy helped to send a message that society will not allow this to happen. That these plagues of hum  anity that think doing something this heinous is alright and there is nothing wrong with it will have to think about the result of their actions.
We hope that your hearts and pain are eased by the thoughts and sentiments of friends and strangers who empathize and share your grief in loss of a valued friend. That the outrage expressed lets you know that you are not alone in wishing to see action for the killer and a change in societies ability to help set in motion the laws and morals that express to those who doubt.. We will not allow for people like this to steal something we value as much as a life without serious recompense. That by changing public knowledge and increasing laws for act of this nature may in the future prevent someone who might think of attacking an animal into thinking twice if they know the punishment it could invoke and that it will deam them unfit for society.  We hope you find comfort in your love and memories of the time you were allowed with Amy.  lots of hugs and come visit us soon, your boogie board is waiting.  Stacey & Jerry

Becky Wittman

Comment: I just saw the update that you posted yesterday about a possible lead on the sick person who did this to Amy.  I saw that you were able to pull mugshots from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office website.  Is it possible to find out if this person is on probabtion or parole and has to report to an assigned probation/parole officer?  If their arrests were fairly recent, chances are they are still on probation and have to report periodically AND also have to notify their probation/parole officer of any address change.  Just a thought.  I'm sickened that this happened and hadn't even heard about it until I received the Kenwood Newsletter a couple of days ago.  I live very close to where this horrible attack took place.  I have three cats of my own as well as two dogs and I can't imagine what you must be feeling.

Danielle Clark

Comment: I received a flyer today about Amy, what happened to her, and what you are doing about it.  I commend your efforts and send my best wishes to you and your family and I hope that this can be solved quickly.  I, unfortunately, have a very busy schedule but would be willing to help pass out flyers or help with something else you may need.  Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you bring some justice to this horrible matter.  Thank you and best wishes.

Brian Johnson

Comment: I just wanted to express my condolences.  My fiancee and I were walking our dog and saw the poster on a pole close to our house in Kenwood. (I also read about it in the newsletter.)  We have 4 cats of our own and a few strays and it was heartbreaking to read the story.  I'm glad you got some leads.  We'll be on the lookout.  Let us know if you need any help.

Sally Moe

Comment: Paul, we met at the St. Pete Creatives get together. I'm so, so sorry about your precious cat. My husband and I are both cat lovers (but don't have any). Maybe if you posted your story on one of the cat lover websites like dailykitten.com or cuteoverload.com or icanhascheezburger.com? Cat lovers from all over pore over those websites. Maybe someone from St. Pete? Just an idea. Again, I'm so sorry about Amy.

Becky Wittman

While it would be nice to be able to think that the police will follow through with this, I think the reality is that they will not give priority to a case involving an animal.  I had someone steal from my purse in my own house about 4 years ago and I literally did all of the leg work for them.  I knew who did it and gave them all of the info as to where my stolen debit card was used and even  went so far as to obtain a copy of a surveillance video tape from one of the stores where the card was used.  There wasn't a huge amount of money involved, but between the cash they took from my wallet and the amounts charged to my debit card, it was bordering on a felony charge. It just seemed that they "had bigger fish to fry" so to speak. After doing the work that I did and leaving several messages for the investigating officer with no response, I eventually gave up.  My bank, of course, credited my account for the debit charges, but it was the principal of the situation that irked me! 

 I think that a probation officer or police officer would at least want to interview a potential suspect in this case as I believe that this crime against Amy would most certainly be a violation of their probation!  I feel that all of my animals are members of my family and I'm sure you felt the same about Amy.  The fact that this happened so close to my house is very unsettling.  Since the lead you received points to the person that was evicted from our neighborhood, we don't know that for sure at this point.  I'm concerned for all of the other cats that spend time out doors or any other animals that escape from their house or yard.

I'm curious as to what the charges were for the person you found on the Pinellas County website...


Comment: Hello,
I'm sorry to say that I don't have any information on Who Killed Amy, but I do hope that you are able to catch whomever  did.  I agree with the rest of the people who posted that animal cruelty IS IN FACT a gateway crime.  And, I think that 5 years in the slammer is a paltry price to pay for taking away such a beloved creature.  My thoughts are with you.

Comment: I have two cats, one being a Siamese, named Jake.  They sit out on the screened in, front porch on almost a daily basis.  I too, live in Kenwood and know that if something happened to either one of my boys, I would be completely devastated.  I found the whokilledamy flier on my front porch one evening when the both of them were out there on the front porch.  There are so many people that walk up and down the street in front of my house and if I found one of my cats were killed at the hands of one of those people, I honestly don't know how I would cope.  The trust that people have in one another is almost a thing of the past and that to me is a very sad thing.  I'm sincerly sorry for your loss.  I've been sitting here bawling about this tragedy.  The faith in humankind, the love of an animal, the loss of of a pure soul.  It truly breaks my heart.  I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I hope that the this sick person is found and found very soon.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  
Your  Fellow Kenwood Neighbor and Animal Lover,

Dear Paul,
This is your mate from down under. I share your loss as i remember how much you love animals, and specially cats. I lost Berger and Sasha this year and I know how hard it is to go on in life without them. But in your case it's just awful. I really really hope that someone where you live will recognize that person and bring it to justice, in memory of Amy and for all the other animals who suffered such atrocities.my thoughts are with you.Love xx

Gary and Sue

Comment: We share your loss with you. Amy had more value than the animal that killed her.

My parents have an old-style siamese who looks just like Amy, he's a bit old and deaf now but even so is such a..character, for want of a better word. They really are so human-like, probably because of being more used to humans than a normal cat, that they remind us that the boundaries between animal and human animal are not that clear. And so it's that much more painful when we are parted from them. But we'll definitely see them again. (Sorry to go on, I think I'm still working through losing my own cat Sholin!)
On a practical note, in England there's a TV show called crimestoppers where they do reconstructions of crimes and get people to call in with any leads. It does have some success apparently. Maybe there's a US equivalent or a local TV station that could publicise what happened? I guess you've already thought of this before though.
Anyway, best of luck on those leads, I guess you can't reveal too much online. My fingers are crossed.

Kelley Abercrombie
I just came across this site without really looking for it. 
Frankly, I am shocked and disgusted that someone could do this in broad daylight. It seems that he was shameless.
It seems to me that crimes like this, against pets, are threshold crimes that are indicative of a very sick and disturbed mind.
Sadly, I know what you are going through. Almost a month ago, someone stole my cat just a few meters (yards) away from where I was standing.
As I type this, one of my other kitties is doing her daily lamentation...the most heart-wrenching meowing I have ever heard. She is pacing around the house as she calls for her friend.
I am hoping you can give me some advice as to how to construct a website and generate awareness about my case. So far, I have thrown together a site using one of those paint-by-number site templates.
I am at
Two days ago another cat was found: tortured and mutilated. This has been going on for a couple of years now and the police have no clue who is responsible (at least, as far as they are communicating to hte public).

The city of Camrose is not far from here, a few months ago some teenage boys broke into a family's home and put the cat in the microwave and turned it on. The pain it endured before it died is unimaginable.
For me, I am trying to advocate for more strenuous animal cruelty laws. But, I am also assuming that anyone who commits an act of torture and violence against an innocent animal is dealing with some huge spiritual issues in  terms of a battle between good and evil.
I would not want to be Amy's murderer...especially on his deathbed. This man will know no peace.
Thanks for reading this and I look forward to your response.
P.S. If you cannot respond, I will understand. I am hoping for advice, but I don't expect it.

I am so grateful for your kind words.
The calling for Dipity has not diminised.  She is truly missed. Hopefully Scoot and Beebles will adjust soon. Or, even better, the Dip is returned.
Somehow the difference between 'thou' and 'it' seems to be evasive in terms of the law. So many farmers are still operating on the assumption from the 18th century that animals are soul-less, biolgical machines.
Then, there is the other extreme represented by PETA who would have all predators in the natural world punished for 'cruel' behaviour.
Frankly, the attitudes toward and treatment of animals points to some larger cultural issues. I remember studying this stuff in university.
At this point, I am mostly concerned with my own little family and the ethical responsibility I have to get Dip back and away from a self-righteous and compulsive freak.
When I have time, I would love to help with the campaign to get harsher laws in Canada. They are truly outdated and must change. The fact is that in the last 15 years it has been proven that cruelty against animals is a powerful indicator or psychopathology. These should be treated as a very serious litmus test about someone's ability to function in a non-criminal way in society.
So....count me in!
But....not to the detriment of the Dip campaign!
Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to hearing from you in mid-August.


And From "Tink" - there are always the anonymous cowards:

maybe you should keep your can in your house like a good pet owner. Why is it that people think it's OK to let a cat run the streets?

And this classic from Nikki Brooks of Indianapolis, IN

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