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Black, in His Early to Mid 20s by now. Skinny, Shirtless at the Time, With a Dachshund.

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Follow the Us and the St Peterburg Police Department in tracking down the Killer. So far, They haven't Put In much effort or had any results.

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Amy - Siamese Cat

Amy The Cat

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This was Amy, whose breed we were never quite certain of, but may have been a purebred Tonkinese, I believe. I call her Siamese here because most people know what a Siamese looks like.

It is now nearly five years after she was killed. St Petersburg, FL, being the sterling place it is for living a safe life, has failed to uncover the killer.

She was adopted out on July 10, 1999 from Tompkins County SPCA in Ithaca, NY, after being given up by a former breeder. I named her after a waitress in a Thai restaurant that I went to that day. The waitress's name was Amy, and Thailand used to be known as Siam. Hence, my new Siamese cat was christened Amy. I paid $38 for her.

Amy the Siamese Cat Killed in St Petersburg
Amy and I back in 1999 when we were both skinny. Amy was scared of strangers then, so she was petrified of my friend who was taking the picture. She became more outgoing as she got older. She had received affectionate pets from many people, including strangers in the street.

This is the second time I am mourning for her. She was lost for ten days once just a couple of months after I got her. I lived next door to a townhouse full of college football players and one of them left their door open. She got in to their house, and was so spooked by their stomping around that she hid in their basement. She only came out at night to steal pizza and chicken wings from the kitchen (these are college kids so cleaning up wasn't a priority). When they started noticing missing food and evidence of her waste, they put two and two together and came knocking on my door.

She had a very loud purr, and had lived in New York, Virginia, California and Florida and had been driven across the country twice. She had two other cats in our family. She always hated Isis, but had over 7 years built up a détente with Puck, and they used to go roaming together. My favorite times with her were when she would curl up on the bed on in the crook of my arm next to my head. I'd use her little rump as a pillow, and would cup her head in my hand. She'd then purr herself to sleep. On a cold night there was nothing better.

She had been with me for almost nine years. I'll miss her but I do have two other great cats, Puck and Isis, to keep me company. My wife and I had split, but she has now driven down from Maryland to be with me.

The night of the attack when really it was inevitable that she was not going to last, I threw myself into my work to try to cope. I just hope that I don't run out of work, otherwise I may have to think about her. So, if anyone has potential work for me, please let me know. I am going to need it for my sanity, and also to pay the vet bill, and hopefully the reward. I do search engine optimization for web sites. What that means is if you had a web site about cats, I'd help it come up high on Google or other search engines when someone did a search on "cats".

As to the cause of death, at first I didn't want to speculate. She was always lousy with traffic so maybe she got hit, or it could even have been some sort of stroke or blood clot.

You can't turn back the clock, so I asked the vets not to tell me any of their results when they did the post mortem. However, I can't ignore the evidence and have to admit to myself that she died from a malicious attack.

Contact Us with any information.

It was Amy on Saturday, it could be your pet by the middle of this week, and it could be someone's child by next week.

Contact Us now with any information that may allow the guilty man to be apprehended before he causes any more harm. This cowardly individual may pick on a 11 year old, 9 pound cat today, but what other helpless victims will be next?

Article by Stephen Thompson from the Tampa Tribune

Article by Abhi Raghunathan from the St Petersburg Times

Tampa Bays 10.

Fox 13 News

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