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Amy - Siamese Cat and Friend Killed in St Petersburg FL

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Black, in His Early to Mid 20s by now. Skinny, Shirtless at the Time, With a Dachshund.

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Follow the Us and the St Peterburg Police Department in tracking down the Killer. So far, They haven't Put In much effort or had any results.

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And from Nikki Brooks of Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day, 2009:

Comment: Dude, Grow up!!! It's a cat and to have your ex wife drive from Maryland to stay with you is just pathetic. I hate that someone killed your cat. Honestly you should totally blame yourself! You should have taken better care of your cat especially if you had already lost her before. Quit being such a pussy! What a statement; was that black man suppose to have a pit bull instead of a weiner dog? You seem to value that cat like it was your child. If you say it was like a child then your fucking stupid. Using that cat's ass as your pillow, what a waste of space. That guy should have hit you in the head with that stick!! Do you really think your cat would give a fuck? Fuck No! She would have problably climbed on a fence and meow'd at the moon until someone hit her with a fucking shoe. I think it was ALF that ate your cat. Alf was problably singing "I am the one that is out of this world sweet babe- As he was salavating over your little fur-ball of joy. Yes it's true I do love pussies but I don't really care for you know guys that like taking it in the kester. I'm not being racist, just judging by demographics ya know. Take the rooster out of your mouth and get over that cat that you cant even pay the reward for. MEOW MEOW

There is a Nikki A. Brooks who is apparently a property appraiser in Indianapolis, Indiana. Aged 34, she'd be about the right age to remember Alf, and to have a Prodigy email account!

I don't know if she is the one who sent this email, but if she was, then apparently had nothing better to do on Thanksgiving Day, 2009 than to send abusive email to a complete stranger.

For her information, it was my wife, not my ex wife who came down from Maryland. And we do have the money to pay the reward, but the bulk of the money was from animal welfare organizations. In fact, I probably have a lot more money than Nikki Brooks will ever see, especially working in the moribund industry that she has chosen.

I did email her back, but got no reply, so either she sobered up or finally just felt as ashamed of her lonely self as she should have. I couldn't find any pix of her on the web, and that leads me to imagine she looks a little bit like Gabourey Sidibe. Anyway, if you know Nikki Brooks, please ask her if she wrote the email. If you are an animal lover or interested in justice at all, then I suggest that if she does admit it, then you don't do any business with her.

Anyway, I don't worry too much about this stuff. It took me 16 months to bother posting this.

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