Who Killed Amy?

Amy - Siamese Cat and Friend Killed in St Petersburg FL

About Amy - My cat
About Amy and her Life.

Pictures of Amy
Fortunately We Have Lots. Here Are A Few.

Killers Description
Black, in His Early to Mid 20s by now. Skinny, Shirtless at the Time, With a Dachshund.

Comments From The Public
Many people Have Had Kind Words to say about this incident and Amy.

Cat Death Investigation Blog
Follow the Us and the St Peterburg Police Department in tracking down the Killer. So far, They haven't Put In much effort or had any results.

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Amy - Pictures

Amy The Cat

Amy The Cat

Amy Box

We got some gym equipment in a big box once, and I threw this blanket over it while it sat in our living room. Amy adopted it as a favorite place to sleep, so it has been there for two years.

Amy Puck Table

Amy and Puck loved to sleep on this picnic table in the back yard, especially when I was trying to do some work on it.

Amy Puck BBQ

Amy and Puck on the filled in BBQ in our backyard. Another favorite place to hang out.

Amy nose

Amy did not take well to the bugs in Florida. For some reason her nose was always inflamed from them, especially in Summer

Amy Puck Bed

Who wouldn't want a cat's life?

Amy Reclining

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It was Amy on Saturday, it could be your pet by the middle of this week, and it could be someone's child by next week.

Contact Us now with any information that may allow the guilty man to be apprehended before he causes any more harm. This cowardly individual may pick on a 11 year old, 9 pound cat today, but what other helpless victims will be next?

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