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Black, in His Early to Mid 20s by now. Skinny, Shirtless at the Time, With a Dachshund.

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St Petersburg Cat Killer Still At Large

St Petersburg, Florida – April 7, 2009

When Amy was let out, she was queen of the St Petersburg sidewalk. She disliked the feel of the grass of the yard on her dainty feet, so always preferred to keep to the hard and true concrete surface. Occasionally there she would have to defend her territory from another four-legs, especially one of those inelegant, panting, tail wagging kinds. She would arch up, hiss and perhaps spit, always holding her ground. A two-legs was different, sometimes they would pass by, and sometimes they would perhaps reach down, scratch her ears, and tell her that she was a “pretty kitty”. Her owner was usually watching to make sure she was safe.

Around noon on the sunny Saturday of April 12, 2008, one of those clueless four-legs came by, with its exuberance and snuffling and panting. To Amy’s feline esthetic, this one looked even more ridiculous, it being a Dachshund. However, she again took guard of her property against the intruder. She expected the accompanying two-legs to drag away his canine charge from the formidable threat of an 11 year old, ten pound Siamese cat, as they always had before.

But wait, this one was pausing. Perhaps she was going to be petted?

No, the next thing that happened was that she was rained with blows from a rake handle and kicked by merciless feet. One of those blows fractured her skull.

Her owner, Paul Gilchrist, who had stepped away into the back yard for five minutes, found her panting and bleeding on her beloved sidewalk. He raced her to an animal hospital. Seventeen hours and two thousand dollars of emergency care later, he authorized her to be euthanized.

“I thought that there would be a rapid resolution to this case,” he said this week. “There was a good description of the killer, and his brutality should motivate the citizens of St Petersburg to out him from their ranks”.

The killer is a tall, thin African American male in late teens or early twenties, with short hair, with a reddish brown dog, probably a dachshund, on a leash. He was shirtless and carrying a long stick when last seen heading south on 23rd St N near 2nd Ave N, St Petersburg.
The crowds armed with pitchforks and torches never did arrive. Most of the offers of additional reward money, sympathy and help seemed to come from outside St Petersburg, especially after the web site, WhoKilledAmy.com was set up.

“It is almost as if some in St Petersburg are more interested in protecting the killer than stopping him before he kills his next victim, whether that victim be another animal, a child, a convenience store owner or a police officer,” said Gilchrist, an Australian immigrant who is now a US citizen. “Someone so intemperate as to beat a cat to death in broad daylight would surely be unable to keep it a secret.”

Barbara Snow, of the Humane Society of Pinellas said, “It is proven that there is a direct link between animal and human violence and people who get away with cruelty to animals often go on to transpose their violence to children or people in general. “

The Police put in some investigation time, Pinellas County Animal Control were initially helpful, and some leads did come in from the public but none resulted in a suspect completely matching the description.

“I see the dog as the key factor; find the dog and we find the killer. Dachshunds are not common, especially with a young man such as that described by the witnesses. Perhaps this Easter my faith in the city and the country that I have chosen to call home will be restored and St Petersburg will finally have the heart to push this villain out into the light of day again,” Gilchrist said as he remembered the cat that kept he and his ex-wife company from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again. “If this sort of violence is routine here you can’t make it go away by ignoring it.”

Anyone with information can provide it through the web site, WhoKilledAmy.com

Please call Crime stoppers if you wish to be anonymous at 1-800-873 TIPS or email facs@tampabay.rr.com or cindy.wilson13@verizon.net

The St Petersburg Police Department report # is 2008-021038

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