Dangerous St Petersburg

St Petersburg is a dangerous place to live. Ask the owner of the convenience store that I used to go to there (shot dead) or my cat (beaten to death). Oops, sorry, you can’t. Ok, ask his widow or me. I have set up three web sites to warn people to stay away from St Pete. St Petersburg Crimes, South St Petersburg and Who Killed Amy. Just add the dot com to each. It may cost you a fortune to sell up and leave St Pete, but it is worth every penny.

Dangerous St Petersburg

No St Pete dot org

I found a web site similar to the ones that I run, i.e. warning people about the dangers of St Petersburg. It is called http://nostpete.org/ I don’t know who runs it so I wrote to them, saying:

I also have a web site www.stpetersburgcrimes.com

What happened to your effort? Did it run out of steam? Maybe we can work together to try to salvage St Pete, tho the chances are slim.

Youtube videos on Crime in St Petersburg

I was doing a Youtube video on Crime in St Petersburg myself, when I found these others:
PSA on Crime in St Petersburg
Tampa, St. Pete among saddest US cities
Good to see that there is someone decent in St Pete calling attention to the problems. Though it looks like they may be from Gulfport, which explains everything.
Chuck Harmon has always been afraid to share information with the public. If they knew how bad crime was in St Petersburg, then he’d be lucky to get a job writing parking tickets on the pier. He refused to cooperate with my site StPeteCrimes.com.
You need this to go driving through South St Pete. I’ve got one on order now.

So, I decided to set up a Youtube playlist featuring all the negative videos on crime in St Petersburg, FL. There are no positive ones, maybe the occasional mass bust, but like the hydra, you cut off one head and two more grow back.

Hmmm, this video was uploaded on the anniversary of the date that my cat was beaten by a South St Pete hood. Because of Joe’s (Omali Yeshitela) no snitching policy, the killer still walks. Hydra Lacey was a cop killer. It is ironic that Hydra was the killer’s name, because you cut one head off the South St Pete monster and another two grow to replace it.

Racist audio edited Youtube video.

LEO Affairs .com

I went on LEO Affairs .com for the firest time in years, and someone revived a post about a hypothetical site called StPeteCrimes.com

I told them:

In fact I now have a web site called http://www.StPeteCrimes.com. It used to report calls for service from the SPPD. Chuck didn’t like it, but it has lapsed into non use because of lack of support from the people of St Petersburg (who knew?). I now just report St Pete’s appalling overall crime stats on there basically.

Anyway, if anyone has some nice dirt that they’d like put on there, then I’ll consider it. I also have sites at www.SouthStPetersburg.com and www.WhoKilledAmy.com, just PM me or post something here.

Yahoo Answers Service: Will the person who killed my cat in St Petersburg, Florida ever be found?

Yahoo Answers Service is one of the few compelling applications that Yahoo has these days. It seems to rank high in Google. Who knows, maybe someone knows the answer to this puzzle:

Will the person who killed my cat in St Petersburg, Florida ever be found?

In April 2008 my cat was beaten by some monster. She died the next day. We had witnesses and it had a lot of publicity in the media. I thought that the humanity of the people there meant that the killer would be quickly apprehended. My hopes were dashed. Was my faith in the people of St Petersburg, FL misplaced? The statute of limitations is approaching and it would be good to know that there is one honest person with a sense of justice in that city who is willing to stand up and identify the killer. He was a 6 feet tall skinny black man in late teens to early 20s, probably now mid 20s, and he had a dachshund on a leash with him. You can learn more at my web site whokilledamy.com.

Wikipedia edits

Here is the code for the Wikipedia edits I did to add some balance to the article that they have on St. Petersburg. I am keeping it here in case the Visitors Bureau or whoever likes to present such a shining picture of St Petersburg goes in and removes it.
St. Petersburg suffers from the highest rate of violent crime in Florida, beating even the much larger Miami.{{cite news| url=http://saintpetersburg.wtsp.com/news/news/officer-investigated-speaking-his-mind-st-pete-crime/67842 | title=Officer investigated for speaking his mind on St. Pete crime | accessdate=March 21, 2013}} It is the 31st ranking city in the United States when it comes to violent crime.{{cite news| url=http://os.cqpress.com/citycrime/2010/City_crime_rate_2010-2011_hightolow.pdf | title=2010 City Crime Rate Rankings | accessdate=March 21, 2013}} It is less safe than 95% of cities in the United States.{{cite news| url=http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/fl/st-petersburg/crime/ | title=St Petersburg Crime Percentile | accessdate=March 21, 2013}}
Evidence of the social unrest and the schism within the city, particularly between South St. Petersburg and the rest of the city came with the [[St. Petersburg, Florida riot of 1996]].

Press publicity

I contacted an Examiner journalist who specializes in animal cruelty cases. I sent her this. almost five years ago now, my cat Amy was beaten in the street. She succumbed to her injuries the next day.

Some witnesses saw the beating and provided a good description of the killer. I thought it would only be a short time before he was brought to justice.

However, there was almost zero support from the community. Not one lead came from the people who would have known who he was.

With only a few weeks until the statute of limitations expires, I am embarking on one last ditch effort to get the community to give up this monster.

I have web sites at




(the killer was from or had close connections to the South St Petersburg neighborhood).

Later today, I will contact journalists at the Tampa Tribune and the Tampa Bay Times.

Month countdown begins.

It is March 12, 2013. 59 months since Amy was bludgeoned outside my home. For the next month I will be busting my butt trying to get attention for one last time (statute of limitations expires on April 12, 2013) so that her killer faces justice. This is predicated on a couple of things, using social media to get some buzz over a five year old crime, and that the people of St Petersburg give a damn about their reputation. I know that latter is true, they have a chip on their shoulder about it, but getting them off their asses and actually doing something about it is another thing.