Youtube videos on Crime in St Petersburg

I was doing a Youtube video on Crime in St Petersburg myself, when I found these others:
PSA on Crime in St Petersburg
Tampa, St. Pete among saddest US cities
Good to see that there is someone decent in St Pete calling attention to the problems. Though it looks like they may be from Gulfport, which explains everything.
Chuck Harmon has always been afraid to share information with the public. If they knew how bad crime was in St Petersburg, then he’d be lucky to get a job writing parking tickets on the pier. He refused to cooperate with my site
You need this to go driving through South St Pete. I’ve got one on order now.

So, I decided to set up a Youtube playlist featuring all the negative videos on crime in St Petersburg, FL. There are no positive ones, maybe the occasional mass bust, but like the hydra, you cut off one head and two more grow back.

Hmmm, this video was uploaded on the anniversary of the date that my cat was beaten by a South St Pete hood. Because of Joe’s (Omali Yeshitela) no snitching policy, the killer still walks. Hydra Lacey was a cop killer. It is ironic that Hydra was the killer’s name, because you cut one head off the South St Pete monster and another two grow to replace it.

Racist audio edited Youtube video.

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