Wikipedia edits

Here is the code for the Wikipedia edits I did to add some balance to the article that they have on St. Petersburg. I am keeping it here in case the Visitors Bureau or whoever likes to present such a shining picture of St Petersburg goes in and removes it.
St. Petersburg suffers from the highest rate of violent crime in Florida, beating even the much larger Miami.{{cite news| url= | title=Officer investigated for speaking his mind on St. Pete crime | accessdate=March 21, 2013}} It is the 31st ranking city in the United States when it comes to violent crime.{{cite news| url= | title=2010 City Crime Rate Rankings | accessdate=March 21, 2013}} It is less safe than 95% of cities in the United States.{{cite news| url= | title=St Petersburg Crime Percentile | accessdate=March 21, 2013}}
Evidence of the social unrest and the schism within the city, particularly between South St. Petersburg and the rest of the city came with the [[St. Petersburg, Florida riot of 1996]].

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