John Makholm

John Makholm is a former police chief who now works as an attorney representing police officers, their unions and agencies. He contacted me when the article about my St Pete Crimes web site appeared in the St Petersburg Times. He asked me what time the culprit was seen walking down the street, which I thought unusual since it had occurred a long time ago. I placed a call to him a few weeks after that, which wasn’t returned, but today did get thru to him. He didn’t sound that interested but said his reasoning was that people do have patterns or habits that they stick to.

I told him that I was aware of that, but in all my time of observing since, hadn’t seen anyone with a dachshund matching that description.

In a previous email I did offer to help him with the SEO of his site if he could help me. There are a few typos there as well.

He is probably a good guy, but probably too busy to actively help on this case.

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