Did Pinellas Count Animal Services’ Linda Britland lie?

I saw this in a Panhandle newspaper web site:

Man beats cat to death

The interesting thing is the second last sentence which says: Bay County Animal Control took over the case.

When I asked Pinellas Count Animal Services’ field enforcement manager Linda Britland if they could investigate Amy’s case, she said it was a “police matter” and her agency couldn’t be involved. Even to my request that her operatives, while driving around the field, keep an eye out for the perp, she said it wasn’t their job to do that sort of thing. I looked up the Florida Statute and it looks like it is their job to do that sort of thing.

When the police asked me to ask her to provide a list of registered dachshunds in St Petersburg, specifically the zip code just south of here where the majority of citizens are black, she told me that she would get back to me. She didn’t, and didn’t respond to my followup attempt to contact her either. Who knows where the $7000 worth of taxes I pay to Pinellas County each year goes then huh? Not to customer service, apparently.

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