911 Call to St Petersburg Police

The investigation into Amy’s death started when the witnesses called 911 upon seeing the attack. For some reason the police 911 operator didn’t consider this “attack on person or property” to be worthy of a emergency status and transferred the caller to the non emergency line where they were interrogated. The witnesses complained that if their call had been treated with the appropriate urgency, then the assailant may have been apprehended just minutes after the crime.

I have another web site, which currently focuses on St Petersburg Police Reports. Unfortunately it is not updated regularly, but I still get the calls for service to the St Petersburg Police Department in a file every week. I don’t even see a record of a call for service at the time that it happened, but it did come in because they tracked down the witness. The only record relating to the incident that I see is the one that I called in the following Monday when it was clear that Amy had been beaten and killed. Here is the raw record from the file:

“C2008021038″,”20080414″,”12:09:34″,”13:08:30″,”13:17:31″,”13:58:11″,”L”,”ANIMAL CRUELTY”,”E2008079983″,”WESTERMAN, AMANDA”,”281E”

I took out some identifying information. Amanda Westerman is the Police Officer.